Diesel test benches

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    The common rail test bench: EPS 708

    Are you specialised in common rail systems? Then EPS 708 is the test bench that fits your needs.

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    Leader in conventional injection pumps: the EPS 625

    Robust, durable and cost-efficient - the optimal way to enter the market for conventional diesel testing technology.

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    Automatic CR injector and nozzle holder tester: the EPS 205

    Test CR injectors and nozzle holders reliably with little effort.

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    More compact CR injector tester: the EPS 118

    More economical testing with Bosch quality.


Which diesel components do you test?

Each workshop has different focal areas. Hence, Bosch offers a series of diesel test benches.

  EPS 708

CR test bench
EPS 625

Conventional pump test bench
EPS 205

CR injector and nozzle holder tester
EPS 118

CR injector tester
EPS 100

Nozzle holder tester
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Serial pump        
Conventional distributor pump        
Distributor pump
VP 29 / 30 / 44
Common rail pump        
Common rail injector    
Pump line injection nozzle (PLD) / Unit pump (UP)          
Pump injection nozzle unit (PDE) / Unit Injector (UI)          
Nozzle holder (conventional and UP)      
Nozzle holder with adapter (UI)